Memories of Bombay: Madrasi Samosas

Those of you who are from SIES College, Sion, will not forget apna GK, i.e. Gurukripa Restaurant. A daily visit to GK was mandatory during our SIES days. It’s been twenty five years since I’ve last visited GK, but my friends there tell me that  the samosas and chole bhature have not changed at all.  Still the same heavenly taste and still reasonably priced.

Did you know that GK supplies 75% of the samosas that are sold at theaters across Bombay? GK makes 30,000 of these ‘interval samosas’ every day. The present-day Gurukripa was set up in 1975, by the Wadhwa family, who came to Bombay during the Partition. The recipe for the samosa and chole is 65 years old, and is a family secret. The food in GK is still cooked over coal fires, to give it that unique flavor. Each day, leftovers are donated to Sion Gurudwara.

The chefs in GK are all Tamilians. Each has been trained as a specialist in one particular item. Punjabi samosas and chole bhature made by Madrasis. Only in Bombay!

Really miss GK. Massive bhaturas, heavenly samosas, exquisite falooda, and …ummm… that chole.  Nowhere else on Earth will you get that chole.