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About the birds and the bees, and all other life-forms.

A wonderful bird is the pelican …

The spot-billed pelican is an endangered species, found only in the Indian sub-continent. Continue reading

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Of birds and friends, of idlis and vadas, and all things nice.

Given my spartan lifestyle, my chronically single status and my aversion to most human beings, my social options are somewhat limited. The only two outdoor activities I really enjoy are birding and nature photography. While I am happy to enjoy … Continue reading

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Where Aves rules – Ranganathittu.

What I love about namma Bangalore, and the sole reason why I continue to live in this garbage-laden, dog-infested, over-congested and rapidly decaying city, is the proximity of so many prime birding locations. Ranganathittu is one such. Spread over just … Continue reading

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Death by Diclofenac – Save the Indian Vulture.

The Indian vulture is close to extinction. There was a time when nine different vulture species ruled the Indian skies. Now, this majestic genus of scavengers is officially listed by the IUCN as Critically Endangered – and that’s one step … Continue reading

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Kuhu kuhu …

Morning and evening without fail, the asian koel calls out loudly at my window. This is the breeding season for the asian koel, and it is louder than usual, as it calls out to its fledglings. In technical terms, the … Continue reading

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